Ezi Compliant Ramp 400mm

200-400mm wheelchair accessible ramp section based on our simple to use and tough EziStage design.

This modular ramp has been built to comply with Australian Standards AS1428.1 for access and mobility.

The ramp has a 1:14 gradient and togeather with the 200mm ramp segments have a total length of 5.6m. The ramp’s width is 1.2m. Being modular, when combined with filler segments, the ramp is able to be configured into different layouts.

Handrails securely lock together and feature toe rails along the entire length of the ramp.

Fabricated from steal, powder coated matt black with a low pile black carpet.

Product Information
Ramp Dimensions

1.2 m W x 5.6 m L (full set) 1.2 m W x 2.8 m L (unit)

Ramp Height

0 mm to 400 mm (full set) 200 mm to 400 mm (unit)



Transit Dimensions

120 cm L x 50 cm W x 160 cm H


120 kg